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How utilities can bring their customers out of the “ICE” age and in to an EV

Fleetcarma recommends utilities take the role in education efforts & that it isn’t a simple task. Can’t trust automakers, dealers, & salespersons to do it as its not as profitable. Make it relatable, bust myths, get a bum in the seat of an EV to experience first hand. Provide content on advantages while avoiding the geek speak.


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Chapter 1: Emotive. The Electric Vehicle Experience. Emotive is a campaign in British Columbia that raises awareness of plug-in electric vehicles in B.C. The campaign’s goal is to share with British Columbians how much FUN it is to drive an EV. It appears now its been rolled into the BC Hydro utility as suggested by Fleetcarma article that this TL;DR is all about.

Chapter 2: Relatable & Mythbusting: Fleetcarma’s September 2019 article “How utilities can bring their customers out of the “ICE” age and in to an EV.” asks the question on who should be leading education efforts and that we can’t leave it up to auto manufactures, dealers and salespersons. They say Utilities need to do this as they are a natural fit (not mentioning profitable for them) as they have a bested interest in demand responses when the owner charges their car.

These Utilities will need to make it relatable and build credibility and take advantage of existing content rather than build it from scratch. And Fleetcarma sells their very own #EVsAreBetter (EVs were always green, now they’re better) campaign & videos. Looks like our B.C. government agrees and use them in a branded version for the emotive campaign for some time now. Not to mention a great way to bust so many myths spread by fear & lack of knowledge where personal bias become ‘facts’. People rarely fact check their friends who have common interests and that’s a big problem for EV adoption.

Chapter 3: Seeing is believing: Host ride and drives. Nothing beats a bum in a seat for first hand experience. And while you’re at it take advantage of the advocating EV owners who are more than willing to spend their time touting their benefits like bean counters. Please take no offence, I’m both here and that leads to credibility IMHO! Most are early adopters and know how to save money and aren’t making money off of it. In fact many spend money & time for the cause!

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