Canadian EV Sale Units: August 2019. 2019 Projection

Oh Canada! Electric Vehicle Sales in Canada showing a straight rise in classic hockey stick style, no doubt, how Canadian of us!

The Canadian Electric Vehicle market is continuing to pick up steam. Electric Mobility Canada’s revised Q2 2019 article states EV Sales in Canada now represents over 3.3% of the overall passenger light duty automotive market share. It’s way up from last years one percent.

Overall the Canadian market for automotive sales have not done so well this year. Preliminary September results are showing there’s a decline. I’ll update the report once the final 2019 Q3 numbers are reported on Electric Mobility Canada and provide more insight on the swing to electric who seem unaffected.

So how will 2019 end for the “all electric” vehicle type? Based on the seasonal sales for September to December from last year, I’ve weighted the months based on the 2018 seasonal share along with the average August 2019 YTD and June to August 2019 to come up with a model for the 4 months remaining in 2019 just before we get the final 2019 Q3 numbers that have been trickling in since Friday according to some analysis blogs.

With this full 2019 picture, I see a possible hockey stick trend with 2016-2017 as the inflection point. I hope this won’t be questioned as much as the well known one and that I don’t have to defend it like Michael Mann! Perhaps this hockey stick pattern is really good news on how to stop making that global climate change hockey stick happen. There’s hope!

On that note, as an aside, at this point those who don’t believe in climate change have their head in the sand like TESLAQ. A new article from CleanTechnica by Johnna Crider, “I Invest In Tesla Because I Believe in Elon Musk” warns them they are just feeding us Tesla fans with more opportunities to share the truth! It’s already spotted and one obvious TESLAQ twitter account shared it as a good article to understand the “cult of Tesla”. I guess he’s not using the block list as I saw this come up in my twitter feed. I guess he didn’t heed Johnna’s warning either. 😹

So back on topic, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) trend is a straight line rise since 2017 so far but Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEVs) sales appear in decline. It’s been a near dead heat between these two types since 2011 data have been available (some estimated). Since the start of the year its dropping. The overall projected average now down to ~ 44% ITD (Inception To Date), the lowest PHEV ITD share so far. PHEV Share in 2019 may end up tying with its previous low (2015 ITD).

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This shows the August 2019 EV Sales Units by Province, by Type (BEV vs PHEV), by Year, and 2019 Projection.
Canada Electric Vehicle Sales Units as of August 2019 with Projected 2019 Units (Sep-Sec 2019 est.)

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