Statistics Canada Releases Zero Emission New Motor Vehicle Sale Units Numbers for 2011 to 2018

On November 18, 2019, Statistics Canada report released most provincial sales statistics.

Their data shows that 97% of new zero-emission vehicles (#ZEV) registered in Canada were in 3 provinces – Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

Combined with the Electric Mobility Canada September 2019 YTD data, here is an interim report of the total by ZEV type and Province. I’ll work on a reconciliation of this data to prior estimates and come up with a new model. This will include a new projection for the last quarter of 2019. Prior estimates for the provinces without published statistics from Statistics Canada will be factored in as well.

UPDATE: 2020-05-20: The model that I was going to use will no longer be viable due to the unavailability of the data sources used in the past. As Stats Canada publishes more information, I’ll be coming up with a model based on this prior data with the latest data.

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