#Startwith1Thing: Avoid one time use items for food

Taking action can be done in many ways. Find something you can do easily every day or often. Our voices count and actions speak even louder. Start with 1 Thing. #Startwith1Thing #RacingExtinction.

Early this year the City of Vancouver banned polystyrene containers (foam food containers) that are used for serving prepared food or beverages, including plates, cups, bowls, trays, cartons, and hinged or lidded containers to help meet waste reduction goals. The containers often end up going to landfills and hard to recycle (its not accepted curbside in our city). The city found in a study they conducted that only 6% would take it to a recycling depot.

The solution includes using alternatives such as ceramic dishes, plastic containers, steel trays, plates or tiffins, reusable plastic plates, paper containers coated in plastic, aluminum containers and compostable containers made from leaves, paper or plant fibres. Does it go far enough? Let me know your thoughts below.

Go further now!

What about if you did pickup or have leftovers at a restaurant? Why not try and bring your own reusable sustainable containers as well as use sustainable cutlery? While at a restaurant, inquire about their ability to accept your containers to use for your take out and bring them when eating in to take your leftovers home.

You can find these locally, for example @ Anthropologie they have travel ones available too.


Really, why not even kick it up a notch further?

tiffin multi-tiered containers

You can also write to the City of Vancouver about a reusable container method for take-out food too. It’s not new! But easy to do and should save both you and the food provider money too!

They are popular in India and are tiered metal containers perfect for delivery and takeout!

For more information on the City of Vancouver’s Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy for 2040 Zero Waste Goal, see: https://vancouver.ca/green-vancouver/single-use-items.aspx. Be sure to sign up for updates at https://vancouver.ca/green-vancouver/get-involved.aspx. Don’t forget to confirm your email address (check your junk mail for zerowaste2040) and reply to the email with a simple Yes.