Paul in his professional career over the past 30 years is across a wide range of industries and roles, Paul from an early age learned programming and applied his knowledge throughout his life. This gave him incredible opportunities and experience in which led his passion to keep programming at his core. This focus provided him critical roles for delivering projects and process improvements by using technology with strong disciplines and work ethic. His ability to see the big picture and a deep understanding of business processes and design, can implement the technology du jour for an organization to meet their mission and vision. As a strong proponent of a lean disciplined programmer in which continuously learning improves knowledge and skills while gaining real world experience with little or no waste, he is called on by name to deliver. He is currently seeking opportunities with this experience to develop, foster, instruct, and/or assist students in learning the importance of these ethic, discipline, and gaining experience by applying theory throughout a career with continuous education and mentorship in a sustainable way.


This site is dedicated to my work around Electric Vehicles, advocacy & education efforts that’s a big passion of mine. A few days ago I got Version 10 & with […]

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